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  • All tickets sold are Entry only tickets (they do not include any cover charges)

  • All attendees buying tickets online will be granted access to both indoor and outdoor stages.

  • For food and beverages consumption attendees will have to buy additional cover coupons from the venue and use them to buy food and beverages.

  • Attendees buying online tickets are requested to show up at the venue before 10 PM to avoid rush on the entry gate.

  • Persons buying tickets who are below the legal drinking age will be not allowed to consume alcohol at the venue.

  • The venue holds the final right to grant/deny entry, in case of denial for any reason, Online ticket buyers will be issued a full refund.

  • All attendees must be vaccinated.

  • All attendees are requested to carry physical identification proof issued by a Government authority.

  • All attendees of foreign nationality are requested to carry their passport/visa papers along with vaccination/RTPCR test documents.

  • All applicable club rules apply.

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